My work is an exploration of the changing relationship between organic and artificial spaces. I find inspiration from the places I have lived and draw from experiences with both sprawling suburban towns and dense city environments. There is a connection between spaces, forms, and textures that brings forth certain memories. The play between light and shadow is an important part of the monochromatic works. There is an ongoing theme of voids and underground spaces buried below what we see on the surface.
I currently alternate between paper and wood, materials very different in density, tension, and flexibility. There’s a unique bond between the two, and I see the materials as the beginning and end of a story. All of the pieces connect and exist on the same timeline. In the Paper Earth series, I see the history of a place over time, and each piece is a snapshot of the world decaying, growing, ever changing.
Born in Taiwan, I’ve experienced living from the rural countryside of Southern Taiwan, to the dense smoggy city life of Taipei in the 80’s. I grew up most of my life in Northern California, where I watched our sparse farming town transform into a sprawling surburban space. Farm land was converted to historic drive-through theaters that were eventually demolished to make way for the latest fast food franchises. I saw the injection of new businesses drive life and traffic into a central hub, and just as quickly as it grew, so did it fade. Bigger, newer hubs were developed just a city away, and our once lively theater, dining, shopping plaza space became outdated, vacant.
As I studied at Berkeley, I found myself gradually drawn to urban living, and eventually moved to San Francisco. Where it lacked the open green fields just a walk away in the surburbs, hiking trails a short drive away, The City offered an exciting energy exchange only possible through the density of people and ideas. My travels back to Taiwan after two decades, as well as my visit to Tokyo, Japan for an exhibit and month-long stay redefined my understanding of urban living.
My experiences growing up and my travels greatly influence my impressions of the world, and I try to bring these memories into my work. I see a world where nature and human development struggle with each other, and I often think about how the balance shifts over time and whether one side will ultimately prevail.

2014  Monochromatic, Opodz, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

2014  hUbxWW, Chugoku Region, Japan ( joint work with Happy Unbirthday )
2013  ArtMail, Tokyo, Japan / San Francisco, CA ( joint work with Riyo Namigata )
2012  ArtMail, Tokyo, Japan / San Francisco, CA ( joint work with Riyo Namigata )

2020 Side Rail Collective, Seattle WA
2017  Nicholette Kominos, Mariann Scolinos, William Wang, LA ARTCORE, Los Angeles, CA
2014  hUbxWW, Gozoen Gallery, Tottori, Japan
          hUbxWW, CHAQUE JOUR BRAVO, Matsue, Shimane, Japan
          hUbxWW, Oji Lobby, Odonooji, Yamaguchi, Japan
          hUbxWW, LOG, Hiroshima, Japan
          hUbxWW, Japan Rural Toy Museum, Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan
          Rock, Paper, Scissors Art Share LA, Arts District, Los Angeles, CA
          Hive Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
          Yanagiya Gallery, Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
          Gallery Yellow Passion, Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
2013  Nihiru Gyu Gallery, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
          Gallery Mu-Rung Gallery, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
          Gallery Yellow Passion, Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
2004  Marin Society of Artists, Marin, CA (Juried by Richard Shaw)